​Always wanted to be a bit bigger

Unti he met Soozie Q

Who was just 3 foot two

​Now he's glad to be short ... go figger!

Bobbie Bobbie in the lobby

Chat-n with the gals

Have-n fun with all her pals

Find-n out what everyone's do- n

decide-n  who might be worthy of woo-n

Bobbie girls' got the fellas a coo- n

One of a kind quality teddy bears-

dressed in latest brand name fashions - adorned with personality poems

​​Eddie gets ready to head back to school

Wearing new duds, that he thinks are cool

Meeting up with old friends

The class fun never ends

Making good grades, he keeps as a rule

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 Each Bear comes with a durable  wooden tag ...

and  each Poem  is laminated for protection...

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Eddie     $ 58

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comes snuggled in navy domino pattern

fleece drawstring satchel

Bobbie $58

By Kathy Stevens

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